1001 Cats: Hair Styles, Gadgets, Web Resources

1001 Cats carnivalAs usual, Sunday brings a new edition of our 1001 Cats Blog Carnival. Lots of entries, funny stories and cool cat pictures. Moreover, this edition brings in a lot of web resources dedicated to cat owners. It is for sure a very informative read, and I bet your cat will say “Thank you” for the tips.

Let’s see what we have here this time:

Joana presents Have You Seen this Cat? posted at Nanashi-Inc.net. Denali the cat has gotten a new fur-style, the summer look! Quite cute.

David Longman presents Aromatic Nap, the Redux posted at The Daily Cute. All kittens seem to have the same favourite “perfume”.

:: Suzanne :: presents a tacky tale posted at :: adventures in daily living ::. See what happens when kitties go ballistic 🙂

HowToHoldACat presents The Cat Friendly World Wide Web posted at How To Hold A Cat Without Losing An Eye. This is the most comprehensive catalogue of web resources all cat owners could use.

Miss T and Miss D present The Litter Kwitter – For Uber Urban Sophisti-cats at posted at Prefurr.com. If you tried to toilet train your cat and you miserably failed, maybe this can help you see your wish come true.

One more cat gadget from Miss T and Miss D: The FURminator – Hasta la whisker BABY! at posted at Prefurr.com. If you have a long hair cat, this might be for you.

Last but not least, Miss T and Miss D tell us the story of picking up the perfect kitten from the airport posted at Prefurr.com. Did you know that a ticking clock has the power to settle a kitten straight down? Meet Mei Mei, the Tasmanian “gizmo”.

That is all for today. Many thanks to the authors of the articles for participating. If you have any comments, or wish to add something to our resources list, please feel free to write your message in the box below. If you have written a story featuring your favourite kitty, please submit your blog article to the next edition of 1001 cats using our carnival submission form.

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