4 Ways iPhone Spy App Can Boost Your Business Revenue in Days

Gratitude, empathy, ask, probe and confirm, preview, review, closing sales gently! God knows what other motivating words a sales manager uses to inspire and encourage his/her employees in order to boost company sales. May be “The Wolf of Wall Street” is the best movie to see for such motivational speeches. Isn’t it?

But what an ordinary sales manager does not do is that he/she does not make sure whether his/her employees are actually adhering to the given instructions or not. If you’re a sales manager, tell me honestly how much time you actually spent monitoring your employees after your regular motivational speech. Wait! I am not asking you to spend your precious time to physically monitor your employees, but you can use an iPhone spy app to monitor their activities remotely.

Let me tell you 4 ways how iPhone spy software can monitor sales’ employees remotely without even letting them know about it:

1. Listening Live

Employees often manipulate the absence of a manager on field and waste their time in useless gossiping or carrying out personal tasks.

But with iPhone monitoring, employers can listen live to their phone’s surrounding at any time they want and hence they can remotely keep a check and balance on their employees’ activities.

2. Location Tracking

Sometimes, sales people pretend to be working in the field but actually they’re enjoying at home or at some other place. Employers only get to know when the sales targets are not met at the end of the month.

But through iPhone spy software you can easily track your employees’ travel routes and current GPS location on a map remotely. It will certainly help the employers to achieve the maximum productivity level and firing the lazy doers.

3. Financial Management


Most organizations offer an official phone service for sale workers to ease their communication with the customers. However, it has been seen that sometimes employees also use their official phone facility to accomplish their personal tasks and ultimately mobile bills are borne by the organization itself.

Here, your monitoring app such as FlexiSpy review will definitely be helpful to employers as they can see their employees’ call history, view/received SMS and internet history to ensure that official phones should only be used for professional purposes.

4. Geo-Fencing

Afraid of sales people revealing company’s confidential details to your competitors? Well, this will not be possible if you’re consistently monitoring their online and offline activities. For online monitoring, effective iPhone spy apps provide various features such as call recording, Skype messages, Viber messages and Gmail activities.

Moreover, you can create danger and safe zones for your employees. Your monitoring application will notify you at once whenever they enter any danger zones.

So now you don’t have to fear about your monthly sales targets not being met! Just get a powerful iPhone monitoring app and make your employees work efficiently.