1. I participated in this project too, but I wasn’t impressed with the results from a traffic and networking standpoint. There were too many participants to really benefit unless you were near the top of the list.

    Personally, I enjoy the projects from smaller blogs that don’t have hundreds of participants. Once there’s more than 40 or 50, the traffic gets spread too thin.

  2. Brian, I think you are right, my entry was among the first 25 or so. I noticed some traffic coming from there and a lot of links. As of networking, I also believe small projects are better, because this allows the participants to read all other entries and make comments (which in this case was pretty much impossible). Thank you for stopping by and for giving us your input.

  3. That is indeed a huge list. Would you happen to know any place that tells you a list of active group projects going around the blogosphere?

  4. I don’t know about such a place. I’d be interested in it. And you just gave me one great idea: All Tips And Tricks will be the place. I’ll let you know very soon what I have in mind.

  5. I have a friend who could definitely use this information. He started a blog to promote his photography business (I think to make himself look “big”), but since no one’s really visiting or commenting on his blog entries, it almost works negatively against him… Thanks.

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