Blog Deep Linking Made Easy: aLinks WordPress Plugin

Blog Deep LinkingYou probably had heard a lot about the importance of deep linking inside a blog. Be it for SEO reasons, or from the desire to increase the number of pages per visit, it is good to link to your old posts. We all know how much time we spend on deep linking: search for the desired post, copy the permalink, include it in the current post… or let WordPress do it for you, by using the aLinks plugin. You just indicate the desired keywords, and aLinks does a search within all posts, chooses the most relevant one and creates a link to it each time your keyword string appears on a page.
Another benefit of aLinks is that it makes Amazon affiliate links very easy: you input your affiliate ID and the keywords, and your links are built automatically.

I found it very easy to install and to set up. It is active and working in this very moment and you’ll never guess which links I built manually and which links were built by aLinks.

Use it once and you’ll never want to live without it again. It is the same feeling I had when I got my first pair of born shoes and my best hot kicks: no matter how many other fancy sandals, shoes or boots I bought after that, my Born shoes were always on my mind.

2010 update: this WordPress plugin is not available anymore. I suppose the author wasn’t interested in further supporting it.


  • Oh, Wow! Pretty easy to deeplink now. Thanks 🙂

  • Nice. I wonder if this would just create a ton of links everywhere on every post though. Add Kontera to this and you’ve got links galore!

  • This would create as many links as the times your desired keywords is displayed. You can see it in this very post: the word links contains an automatically built link (and it is only one on this page). It is up to you not to have too many keywords selected for aLinks.

  • Interesting idea to have the Amazon links included. Most Amazon-related plugins that I have seen have not handled regular links within the post as well.

  • nice idea Simonne.. now that I moved to wordpress today.. I am looking for all the plug ins that i can find and use.. this will be on my list.. thanks!

  • Yes, Steven, it is very easy to handle, and it works (I checked a few links on my blog, and they were set up fine)

    @Pearl: congratulations! You can check my WordPress category, I’ve written about some plugins there.

  • I am going to give this a whirl. I installed a similar plugin that I am unable to get to work. Maybe this one will be more effective anyway.

  • Angie, if you need to ask any questions after you install it, just do it.

  • This would be useful, but would probably violate the TOS with my Pay Per Post. They don’t like it when you link to other pages on the Sponsored posts. Or is there an option not to add internal links if you don’t want them?

  • You add internal links only on what you want. But if you choose to add links on a keyword, then each time it appears, it will have a link on it. I’ll play around some more, and if I discover an option for posts exclusion, I’ll tell you.

  • Oh wicked just what I need to get my new tech blog
    more traffic…as you can see my blog is new but dead as a dodo.
    but with this plugin it wont be dead for long.

    Thanks for sharing

  • You are welcome Brian, i wish you good luck with your blog.

  • what happens if you have too many links on your pages? I think the maximum recommended is like 30 right?

  • @Africa safari: I heard that less than 100 links is still OK. If you have too many links, you can be penalized by Google. Nevertheless, I don’t use aLinks for every word in this blog, but only for two or three words.

  • Just listening to be penalized by google makes me brr!!…

  • Great suggestion! I just spent half an hour trying to track down some posts I wanted in a link. This should cut down the time it takes to write a post! Thank you.

  • You are welcome, Shelly. Yes, this should save some time for you. I’m glad you found it useful.

  • WoW, realy nice plugin. I will use it on my site.
    Great Thanks Simonne!

  • Simonne

    You are welcome, alex.

  • Cool little plug in Simonne.
    I will give it a go


  • Simonne

    Thanks, Brian! Good luck.

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    Marketing Divas and Divos Fred , the smart divo who created the free ping software asked for some help naming his new service. I thought of a few (not very good ones) so it would be helpful to Fred, and fun, to get your ideas. How creative are y’all when it comes to naming? By the way, Fred is fine with not including “Fred” in the name lol.

  • This sounds like the exact plugin I am looking for. I just tried their site but I get a server too slow to load error. I guess even websites get tired early on a Sunday morning.

    I will give it a try later.

    thanks for the tip.

    I just noticed that your notify me of future follow ups to comments text is black on dark blue so all I saw was a check box with nothing after it.

  • Wicked plugin 10/10 nice and simple to setup.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Yes it is very good, I also use blog deep linking a lot

  • I am not sure how I can apply this to my Coach bags website, but I’m going to give it a try.

  • My site about imobiliare, case, vile, terenuri is not WordPress driven.

  • Canon scanners

    Unfortunately my Canon scanners shop is not made with WordPress, so I cannot use plugins

  • puppy insurance

    Can I use this plugin to link to my Amazon sites with cats & puppies supplies and insurance?

  • This looks useful for increasing the interlinking of your internal pages. I wonder if blogger blogs have this possibility, or if my glyconutrition food supplements shop can benefit from it.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Yes, and my name is Humpty Dumpty and I am going to use this on my blog. Thank you very much for sharing such a great plugin, which can save me a lot of time.