Busy? Buy a Massage Chair and Relax

Massage chair with 16 air cussions

Everybody is busy these days. It seems like time is shrinking, forcing us to give up part of our pleasures ans sometimes even part of our duties. Massage is one of the relaxation ways we don’t have too much time for. Going to a massage center requires making an appointment, then respecting it, spending time driving to and from the beauty center… for extremely busy people this may be too much. Luckily, there is a faster way to your daily relaxation: buy a massage chair. I had the chance to try one of these chairs in a shop and I was impressed: that massage chair had air cushions everywhere, so it was able to give you a full body massage, from neck to sole. Moreover, it had the ability to combine different massage techniques, like friction, kneading, tapping, Shiatsu or impact, very easy to select from the remote control that operates the chair.If you are not sure what types of massage to use, you can let the chair do what it has been programmed to, and choose either one of the upper body automatic programs, or a lower body automatic program.

Briefly, I liked the idea of buying such a massage chair for myself, but I had other priorities at that time, so I almost forgot about it. Then I discovered that one of my friends has a company which sells such masage chairs. She promised me to give me the massage recliner I’ve been dreaming of, provided that I help her promote her chairs. This is what I’m doing now, so if you need more info about massage chairs, recliners, or portable massage chairs, just contact my friend and she’ll tell you everything you want to know.


  1. oh man its really cool massager . i have used this chair … it really works … if you want to relax your self this is the best way just sit close your eyes and relax yourself .. i am in a mood to purchase this massasger Chair 🙂

  2. Wow, this would be the ideal gift for me. The person who gets it to me would surely be my hero for years to come 🙂 Awesome idea.

  3. Work can be very stressful. Whether in an office, factory or other environment, stress at work often leads to decreased productivity. In turn, employees who are less productive are more prone to miss deadlines and finish work late, which leads to more stress. On the other hand, a work environment that is healthy and happy promotes greater productivity, higher job satisfaction, and better employee attendance records. Introducing a massage chair into the work environment is an easy, cost effective way to break the vicious cycle of work stress and decreased productivity.

  4. Am I just happy to find this blog. I do a bit of running and usually get really tired legs after reading this I went out to try one of these massage chairs and I most say I was amazed because my heavy legs was gone after just one session and now it has become part of my running using this chair. Thank you for the blog.


  5. I think we can’t compare between ‘robotic massage’ and ‘human massage’.
    Of course human massage is better, (imagine a beautiful lady massager makes your life arrived at heaven ….) 😀
    But, from what i’ve heard some massage chairs doing massage good enough. Some massage chairs even give you a good relaxation

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