Can One Quit Alcohol or Drugs Without Help?

Drug addiction kills

I know people who quit smoking without any treatment or counseling. I also know people who quit several times, but started again in a while. It seems the trigger for the return of their addiction was some unhappy event or a stressful situation. I wonder if any of you knows some cases in which a person quit alcohol or drugs without help and stayed clear for the rest of their life.

Anyway, for those of you who have a problem with such substances, I guess the safest way to get rid of your addiction is to seek for specialized help. There are treatment centers where you can find help, benefit from medical supervision, join treatment groups and meet people facing the same issues you do.

If you are living in the US, you can check out the treatment center, where I’m sure you can find a facility in your proximity. They have medical facilities in all states. The Treatment Center offers alcohol and drug detox and rehab programs, as well as Dual Diagnosis treatments. “Dual Diagnosis” means a person suffers from depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks or other psychiatric affection, in addition to their drug or alcohol addiction. Doctors in this medical center will address both affections, for a long-lasting recovery. The detoxification process runs under strict medical supervision, it is trauma-free and safe.

Regarding the cost of the treatment, there’s no information on their website, but you can use the chat service available for free to get in touch with somebody who will tell you how much money you need, whether or not your insurance covers such programs and anything else you need to know. There’s also a phone number where you can call for a free confidential consultation. What I found interesting about them is that they provide drug therapy for couples. I believe it’s very important that all people sharing a household live a clear life, otherwise the one who gets through a detox and rehab treatment will find it very hard to resist temptation and stay sober for the rest of his life. Even if the spouse doesn’t have an addiction, they are going through a hard time living with an alcoholic or drug addict. This special program will help them deal better with all sorts of issues that occur in the relationship.

What do you think? Would you seek professional help if you had an addiction or would you rather try to defeat it on your own? Have you ever been through an alcohol or drug rehab program? If so, I’d be happy to hear about your experience.


  1. Over my lifetime I have released more than one of the big five addictions. It was hard of course, but I got through it on my own. I do not think I have the addictive gene set. I know other people who could not quit their addictions even if their hands were cut off, and their mouth sewn shut.

    I believe that because we are all different, from our body chemistry to our personality, there is no ‘one size fits all’. What works for me will not work for all others. The best we can do if we are addicted to something is keep trying different ways of changing our addictions into other venues. If none of the available choices work, look deep inside for the answer.

    We have to want to change. Without that burning desire to change, there is no escape from the prison of our addictions.

  2. Thank you, Michael. I also quit smoking without any help. I guess that, despite more than 10 years of smoking, I was not addicted, therefore it was relatively easy to let go.

    I agree with you, the desire to change is the engine that makes it possible.

  3. Great post Violeta..I think the first few days after quitting is the most difficult.There might be a lot of withdrawal symptoms..But as the time passes, things start to improve.Anyways thanks for this great post.

  4. Hi violeta:

    This is an old article, so I am not sure if you are evening reading these replies anymore. However, I have walked away from a couple tough addictions (cocaine & speed) quit cold turkey one year ago with no help. I have no desire to touch either again. The other was 20+ Years of heavy smoking on April 20, 2013 … Again, have no interest any more. Both were very difficult, but after about 4 months, it good easier and easier …

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