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10 Christmas Gifts Ideas

December 1, 2006 Violeta 5

Christmas is getting closer and closer again and the shopping fever has touched us once more. When it comes to shopping, nothing is better than […]

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Cholesterol Friendly Foods

October 17, 2006 Violeta 2

Heart disease results when plaque builds up inside the arterial walls due to high blood cholesterol, which causes a partial or complete obstruction of blood […]

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Healthy Diet For Summer

August 22, 2006 Violeta 1

Maintaining a healthy diet in all seasons is many people’s concern in our modern world, when junk foods are overwhelming us and our children with […]

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Private Enemy No 1

August 1, 2006 Violeta 1

I hear many people talking about our public enemy no 1. The war for some of them, corruption for others, age for many of them. […]