Lawn Care: How to make a beautiful lawn in one day

how to make a lawnLawn care is an ongoing, permanent process. Time is a very scarce resource nowadays. We don’t have time to wait for things to happen naturally, nor do we have the time required for proper lawn care. If you have a courtyard, then you know how much time and work you need in order to grow a very nice lawn on it. This is how to make it faster:

Step 1: measure the area you want to cover with grass
Step 2: buy some ready-made grass and earth “carpets” which I was told that are called sods.

lawn 2

Step 3: make sure the future lawn surface is flat
Step 4: cover the ground with the grass carpets (I know now that the name is sod, but I still like to refer to them as carpets of green grass)

lawn 3

Step 5: step on them to make them uniform and to help them adhere to the soil

lawn 4

Step 6: wet the lawn. In a few days, it will look like the naturally grown ones.
You can cut the lawn pieces in round shape from place to place, and you can plant some flowers in the obtained circles. The effect is guaranteed. You can even organize a vegetable garden with some nice grass around, don’t you think so? Laying sod helps a big deal with lawn care.

lawn 5


  1. Wow. Just wow. “Carpets”? Have you never heard of the word “sod”? I could see this article being useful years and years ago, but who in their right mind does not know how to lay sod down??

  2. Hey, Andy, thank you for your comment. No, I haven’t heard the word “sod”, and it was the first time I saw this procedure,so I thought it might be interesting.

  3. this seems excellent if you need your lawn fast!
    what about the effect in the long run? I mean, will the grass still be strong in say 1 or 3 months?
    and is there any particular care to take?

  4. Yes, Sally, I’ve seen a lawn which was more than one month old and it looked fine. If you press the sod well against the soil, the roots will adhere to it. Of course you’ll still have to mow it from time to time. As for special care, I did not try this myself, but you could ask the vendor when you buy it.

  5. Hey nice post, i have already used sod, With sod, you have the satisfaction of an instant, lush lawn. You can walk on your lawn right away, and within two weeks 🙂

  6. Great article for getting started.

    Truth is, you’re going to face a few lawn care obstacles. But in the long run, it’s going to be well worth the extra effort, and it’s going to increase the enjoyment and beauty of your home.

    * A healthy lawn cleans and filters the air you breathe.

    * A healthy lawn is an excellent dust trap, and filters pollutants from air and rainwater.

    * A healthy lawn absorbs and deflects noise, creating a soothing buffer zone around your home.

    * A healthy lawn creates a cooling oasis around your house, lowering your air conditioning costs.

    Plus, a beautifully cared for lawn increases your home’s overall value
    [as much as 15 percent according to real estate agents].

    And here’s the best part – a lush and green, ‘envy-of-the-neighborhood’
    lawn can be yours, if you follow a few simple steps…

    Know your soil. Feed it right. Water it right. Mow it right.

    And maintain consistency in your lawn care routine.

  7. Interesting post. I think the word sod is used more in agriculture than in horticulture and turf care, where the expression ‘turf’ is more commonly used.

    I would just like to add a few tips for laying sod.

    Make sure that soil is nice and firm prior to laying the sod to prevent the lawn from sinking.

    Some people like to add a pre-turfing fertilizer prior to turfing to help the roots establish.

    The sod should be staggered when it is laid (brickwork fashion) as this helps it bind together and establish quickly.

    Keep it watered once it is laid, especially if it is warm and dry.

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