My Best Blogging Achievement: The Entries

AchievementThe first part of the group writing project “My Best Blogging Achievement” has just ended. We’ve got nine entries, listed below in the order they arrived. Are they a lot? Are they a few? Taking into account that this blog has 270 feed subscribers, we come to a participation rate of 3%, which is similar to Problogger‘s group projects participation rate. But numbers don’t really matter. The most important was to see how our values and priorities match, and how the human factor has a big weight for all of us, when it comes to drawing the line and sum up our results.

I want to thank you all nine people for your great articles, and I invite you to read them all, and give your vote to the three of them you liked most (just make a short post on your blogs, and I’ll check them all out to count the votes). I kindly ask you to do this by December 15th, the latest. After that, I’ll publish the results, award the prizes and open up the champaigne, so we can celebrate and enjoy.

And now, the entries:

Wanna know my best blogging achievement? by Paul Lamach

Best blogging achievement by Vivien

Bragging Rights by Shelly

Learning, my best achievement in blogging by Tclian

Blog your way into history by Aaron Stroud

My best blogging achievement by Pearl

My greatest achievements by Yeepage

The Crux Of JobMob by Jacob

LGR Webmaster Blog Best Blogging Achievement by LGR

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  1. Congrats with the pretty impressive entries to your project, Simonne. I’ll be checking them all out and choose my favourites in the next few days.

    I’m curious how are you planning on sharing with us your champagne? 😉

  2. Thank you! Virtual champaigne can be a solution, but I had something else in mind: each of us opens a bottle, then we go online in a chat room or something like this, and we drink together 😆

  3. First of all I think what Shelly did with “Share A Square” was awesome, and the kids at camp will also. There was a lot of work that went into this project and a lot of love. Shelly deserves “1” priority. Way to go Shelly.
    Second is Jacob and third goes to Vivian.

  4. My first, second and third vote is for my friend Shelly at “the eclectic life”.

    She is not only a stupendous writer and blogger, look at what she has achieved in just a few short months, with her Share a Square project.

  5. I vote for Shelly @ This Eclectic Life and her ‘Share a Square’ project. She has used her blog, her wit and her huge heart to do something positive and caring for kids with cancer. Although her project is overwhelming to say the least…Shelly doesn’t stop. Halfway to her goal..and she still writes with humour and compassion. What an amazing woman, story-teller and compassionate blogger!

  6. I cast my votes for Shelly at ThisEclecticLife. I am one of her many volunteers who has been inspired by her marvelous brainstorm. Crocheting for kids with cancer? Brilliant!

  7. Hey, you, Anonymous, I was expecting at least a name, if not a website where you would cast your votes. I’m sorry, but anonimous votes don’t count, so please give a name, or write a post on your blog. Thank you.

  8. My vote is for Shelly at This Eclectic Life and her Share a Square program for kids with cancer. The woman has a heart as big as all outdoors! Her posts and amusing and she always keeps her readers interested…she has quite the following! BIG thumbs up for her!!

  9. 🙁 SO BAD! I got busy and totally forgot to write a post for this project. How about a late submission, will it be accepted if it’s 5000 word article?

    (I’m asking like… when I was at uni)

  10. I’m not a blogger but I read lots of blogs so I hope my vote counts. I choose Shelly’s “Bragging Rights” as the winner. Show me another blogger who has accomplished what she has! Her Share A Square project is a BLOGGING MILESTONE!!! It is THE BEST BLOGGING ACHIEVEMENT!

  11. Many thanks to all people who voted. I recorded all your votes.
    BInh Nguyen, I’m sorry you forgot, but since you have asked, yes, you can send your entry in, and I’ll add it to the list. However, in case your entry wins one of the prizes, your prize will go to the next on the list. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair for the others, you see what I mean?
    I’m waiting for your article.

  12. I vote for Shelly @ This Eclectic Life!! I don’t even have a word to describe her amazing success with her Share A Square Project. The fact that she has captured worldwide attention for this project shows she really does have a heart as big as Texas. (maybe even bigger!) It’s Shelly, all the way!

    Jessica The Rock Chick

  13. I vote for Shelly’s Share a Square project. I’ve posted at the url listed, but it will not go live until after midnight – it’s pre-posted along with several other articles due to my having surgery Tuesday morning – won’t be able to sit up at the computer for a bit after that. 😉

    Shelly definitely deserves my vote – THANK YOU for doing this!!!!!


  14. Shelly at This eclectic Life gets my vote. She has taken a simple project world wide to do something wonderful world wide. I will put a link on my page so that others can find your great blog.

  15. Great idea for a writing project, Simonne. Hope to see you do more. I posted my votes and linked back to you here: Vote!

    Shelly’s accomplishment, to me, is remarkable.

  16. Thank you ladies, your votes have been taken into account. I have to say that Shelly can be proud of you. Every blogger would like to have such readers.

  17. Shelly gets my vote also 🙂 Her blogging about this noble cause has definitely touched and inspired many people to do the same…. if you had second and third prize give aways, then I would have voted for Jacob from the crux of jobmob since he is also involved in a good cause AND his site is very neat, clean and readable! I hope to make a post about it by tonite!

  18. Thank you all for your votes.
    Pearl, I do have second and third prize, I’ll count Jacob in with one vote from you. If you want, you can also give your third vote to another article.

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