My Best Blogging Achievement: The Winners

Many thanks to all people who participated in the group writing project “My Best Blogging Achievement“, either with an article or with a vote. I’m sorry for those of you who wanted to participate, but due to the tight timeframe, didn’t have the chance to write their entries. Next time, I’ll allocate more time for such projects, that’s a promise.

And now, the winners:

The Third Prize ($25):

The Second Prize ($50):

The First Prize ($100):

Almost all other participants got at least one vote, and besides that, I hope they also got some new readers. I surely did, as many of the ladies involved in Shelly’s Share A Square program visited my blog and voted for their favorites. Thank you, ladies, I hope next time you will also participate with your stories.

Congratulations to the winners!


  1. wow… Shelly was almost a unanimous vote 🙂 congrats to all the recipients … rightfully deserved! it was a great project Simonne.. thanks for organizing it… I need to do something like this too, some day soon 🙂

  2. Thanks, Simonne and Congratulations to all winners. This project has generated quite a buzz thanks to Shelly 🙂
    Glad you got more new readers as a result of this project, Simonne and I’m sure that your future projects will be even more successful and buzzworthy in future.

  3. You are welcome, Vivien. Yes, Shelly is great at spreading the word around, and her friends are very nice. I think I could keep them as loyal readers, but I’ll have to post some knitting tips and tricks. I happen to know a few, although all I ever knitted in my life was a quarter of a sock 😉

  4. Congratulations Vivien, Jacob, & Shelly! Thanks for organizing the contest Simonne.

    When you’re just starting out, any source of new traffic is more precious than gold!

  5. That was the plan Simonne 😉 Now if I’d spent less time planning and more time writing, I would have launched ages ago and the site would appear even older!

  6. Mazel tov to Shelly and Vivien and thanks to everyone who a) participated, b) voted and/or c) voted for JobMob. This was easily one of the most interesting gwps that I’ve been in for quite some time

    Last but not least – great work, Simonne!


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