Resource For Bloggers Carnival – 8th Edition

CPAWAY - free to join affiliate network - click on the image to read more

CPAWAY - free to join affiliate network - click on the image to read more
It’s time for a new edition of Resource for Bloggers Carnival, which started on, then moved here, on All Tips & Tricks for a while, until it will fly away who knows where (you’ll know where, when the time comes).

We surely got a lot of great articles which you can read below, and a lot of not blogging-related articles which you won’t read here.
John Crenshaw presents The Biggest Scam Your Bank Gets Away With Everyday posted at Truthful Lending dot Com, saying,

“This little known scam accounts for a huge portion of fees paid to banks every year and is going on right under your nose. The worst part is, it’s completely legal.”

Not necessarily blogging-related, this article draws an alarm signal over bank scams, so everybody should read this and stay away from that particular bank which is mentioned in the article.

Nesher presents 15 Advices on How to Decrease Danger of Being Banned from AdSense posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World.
Good advice, you’d better be reading it if you intend to use AdSense on your blogs.

Edith presents 53 Ways to Make Money on the Internet posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.. Surely a lot of ways to make money online. Try them one by one, and when you hit the lucky one, multiply your success.

James D. Brausch presents One Minute Marketing Research posted at Internet Business Blog. I’m not so sure how James came up with those percentages, but he seems pretty convinced that this kind of research is good.

Michel Fortin presents Give Your Joint-Venture Offer An Extra Punch posted at The Michel Fortin Blog. Joint ventures can be very productive for both parties, if done properly.

Nigel Swaby presents Video Players for Bloggers posted at StageGold video blog.

Jose DeJesus MD presents Checklists Can Improve Clinical and Business Processes posted at Physician Entrepreneur. Do you have a blogger checklist? If you do, why? If you don’t, why not?

Aaron Brandon presents What To Blog About posted at Aaron Brandon.Go take some inspiration from Aaron, maybe you’ll write your best post after reading this article.

Ed Rivis presents More sales from self-service link building. posted at Ed Rivis.

Michel Fortin presents New Copywriting Software Takes Flight posted at The Michel Fortin Blog. I’m skeptical when it comes to copywriting software, articles rewriters, and stuff like that, but Michel offers a demo version on his blog, and since he’s quite successful, maybe trying it would be a good idea.

Thomas D. Brownsword presents Next Product Is Being Developed posted at Business Action Steps.

Don D. Morrison presents Generating Targeted Traffic from Forums posted at

Sabrina Jefferson presents Decision Making posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Pat B. Doyle presents How To Make Money with Affiliate Programs posted at Pat B. Doyle. Very good advice from Pat. I follow the same way she describes there, and I can tell you it works. I could post a photo of myself holding some check, but I’ll skip it for now. You just have to take my word as it is, go read Pat’s article, then practice on your blog.

Carol Bentley presents How appealing are you posted at Carol Bentley. Be straight forward, clear and honest, and things should most probably go well for you, in blogging and not only.

Tip Diva presents Top Ten Tips – Improving Your Blog posted at Tip Diva, saying,

“You have a blog, but you don’t have as many hits or readers as you would like. Here are some tips to improve your blog’s overall visibility on the web and attract new readers.”

How many readers would you like, by the way? Which is your ideal number?

Woody Maxim presents My review of Blog Farm Generator posted at Woody Maxim. Woody suggests you should buy this software. I suggest you don’t, before undergoing some more research. Anyway, I checked Woody’s link, and the software is sold out. I still don’t understand how a software can be sold out, as it is not diminishing with every download, but maybe that was the author’s wish, to sell only a limited number of licenses.

Stephen Pierce presents 3 Ways to Make Money Online posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce. Everybody knows a lot of ways, but how many actually make that money? I think that if we put all bloggers together with their income, we are a millionaire 😉

Tiffany Colter presents Writing Career Coach: A Pleasant surprise and How I got here Part 2 posted at Writing Career Coach, saying,

“A pleasant surprise on how to have success beginning from the first day of this New Year!”

Don Morrison presents Special Offer! 3 Minute Headline Creator! posted at, saying,

“Simple Software Creates More Than 100 Online & Off Line Marketing Headline Combinations All In Single Click… 100% Amazing!”

Sarah Paine presents The Power Is In The Ping posted at Sarah Paine, saying, “A quick method to bring traffic to your blog without a whole heck of a lot of effort.”

Steve Oliphant presents Stop Gambling with Your Future and Start Making Money posted at Steve Oliphant’s Musings.

Sarah Paine presents One Link for You Two Links For Me posted at Sarah Paine, saying,

“Create several back links each submission using the suggested site to boost Google page rank.”

Back links are very important, I hope all of you know this by now. Sarah knows it, that’s certain.

Terry Dean presents Using Long Tail Keywords for Profit posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Sarah Paine presents Traffic Jam Anyone? posted at Sarah Paine.

Ty Hurd presents A complete guide to revenue sources – Monetize your blog! posted at – Tips, tricks, mumbling, and more… From website advice, to art that is nice…. More money coming your way… open your wallet wide!

Pearl presents Networking – Necessary Investment for Small Businesses posted at :: Interesting Observations ::.

Indeed, networking can bring you more contacts and business than many other channels.

Raymond presents Personal Finance Blogging Is A Time Consuming But Rewarding Part Time Job posted at Money Blue Book. Go see what Raymond’s reward is for this time consuming work.

Brian Terry presents How to develop a Big Selling Affiliate mindset posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog. Do you want a super affiliate mindset? Take care what you wish for, it may come true! But if you are determined to become one of those people who could sell anything to anybody, anywhere and anytime, go read Brian’s article to find out what you have to do next.

M. Cruz presents Things You Need To Know To Pimp Your WordPress Blog On Yahoo! Web Hosting – Installation and Upgrade Issues posted at NOIRLECROI.COM, saying,

“Learn some tricks for your WordPress blog hosted by Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting.”

The BagLady presents What Makes a Blog Article Popular? posted at xynny.

Nesher presents Free Blogging Communities on Danga Platform posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World, saying,

“Overview of the several free bloggers communities based on Danga blogging platform.”

Rodney Olsen presents Writing Irresistible Blog Posts posted at The Journey – Life : Faith : Family.

Brian Terry presents How to create an affiliate link redirect posted at Big Selling Affiliates Blog.

Don D. Morrison presents 10 Superior Methods To Incorporate An Online Marketing Auto-responder posted at

Sarah Paine presents StumbleUpon Site Traffic posted at Sarah Paine, saying,

“Generate an amazing amount of traffic to your site using the StumbleUpon phenomenon.”

Tracy Coenen presents Got the blogging blues? posted at FRAUDfiles.

Brian Terry presents Why you MUST become fanatical at testing and tracking posted at Big Selling Website Design. I can understand this, being myself a fanatic of testing, tracking, checking stats… I even dream about that when I sleep.

Ian Richardson presents Final Five Reasons to Host Your Own Blog. posted at Make Everything EzyAs123. So many people told you to host your own blog and you’re still on free hosting? Read this and maybe it will be the drop which would make you go get your own hosting. If you didn’t know, you can have some for as little as $2 per month. Smoke less, drink less and get web hosting.

Dana presents What does blogging mean to you? posted at Principled Discovery.

This is the end, my friend. If you want to be featured in this carnival, submit your blog article to the next edition of resource for bloggers using our carnival submission form.

And please, if your article is about the shoelace of the left shoe of the man who saw my cat sitting on the windowsill and counting sparrows on a wire, please DO NOT SUBMIT IT. I’m not a nice girl, so I won’t publish it!


  1. I just finished reading (and following the instructions) Getting Your Site Indexed In a Matter of Minutes- it was so helpful and I was able to accomplish my site submission quickly.
    Thank you.

  2. thanks for the inclusion and for hsoting such a great carnival….this is a one stop shopping mall for bloggers….I gave it a thumbs up and a review on stumble, and with similar actions by the other contributors, prepare for some great traffic and comments!

  3. Thank you Michael. This carnival is possible only due to your submissions, which I appreciate very much.

    Thanks Diana. I like that so many bloggers want to share their secrets for success.

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