Resource For Bloggers Carnival – 9th Edition

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Welcome to the March 13, 2008 edition of Resource for Bloggers Blog Carnival.

This was again a very active edition, with lost and lots of submissions, with good reads and interesting findings, with shared experiences and blogging tips.

Let’s see what we have for today:

Dana presents What does blogging mean to you? posted at Principled Discovery. From hobby to business, blogging can have a lot of meanings and can cover many aspects of somebody’s life.

Don D. Morrison presents Discover 18 Common “Link Baiting” Methods (Or Getting More Online Back Links)? The Prime Directive! posted at While I don’t agree with some of these methods, there are good ideas to be followed in this article.

Sabrina Jefferson presents How To Create Your Own Blog posted at Sabrina Jefferson. Actually the article won’t teach you how to create the blog, but you’ll have the chance to buy via Sabrina’s affiliate link a DVD which explains in detail the creation of a WordPress blog.

James Lewitzke presents Why does your Blog not have Quality Traffic? posted at Lightning Shock, saying,

“Reasons your blog may have low traffic”

GL presents How to get decent traffic to blog posted at Glowicki ProBlogger – Blogging Tips, saying,

“Get free traffic to site.”

This is quite a thorough list of places where you can get some free traffic from.

Woman Tribune presents adgridwork Production Analysis posted at Woman Tribune, saying,

“Free advertising programs are mostly ineffective. Here’s the stats from adgridwork.”

This is a good read, and the results are similar with other people’s tests, so it has been proven once more that you get only what you pay for.

Robert Phillips presents One Size Does Not Fit All posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY. It’s up to you to find your own size and your own way to building a successful blog.

Kenton Newby presents Simple Solutions For the Content Creation Roadblock Nearly All Online Business Owners Face posted at You may already know and do some of the points on this list, but a reminder is always welcome.

Sarah Paine presents Changing Permalink Structure to Maximize SEO posted at Sarah Paine. The method described by Sarah works: I’ve used it here, on All Tips And Tricks, when I changed the permalinks for about 300 posts.

Jimmy Sansi
presents Guaranteed Traffic Today Using These 7 Simple Methods posted at The Kaizen Business. Another handy list bloggers can use for getting some more traffic.

Jean Mosher presents Blog for Fun and Profit « Always in Motion posted at Always in Motion. The article presents impressions from a blogging seminar Jean has attended.

Charlotte Babb presents Hello world…Again! posted at Charlotte’s Babblings. Charlotte presents her experience of moving to a self hosted blog and tells us a bit from her life. We can say she’s a winner.

Carol Bentley presents Apparently I am nuts. . . posted at Carol Bentley. Find out what a mind map is, and apply it to your blog. It can make you see things clearer.

Richard McLaughlin presents Stop Pushing Your Foreign Visitors Away by Cindy King posted at Cindy King. Do you have an international audience? How do you address them?

Joshua Dodson presents Using WordPress as a CMS: How to Create a Dynamically-Generated Subject Guide posted at Fragmentist. This is an easy method, thanks to a helpful plugin. The article contains detailed instructions.

Jeremy Neal presents Four Key Learnings for Bloggers from Fortune’s Most Admired List posted at Lead Inspectors, saying,

“Key learnings to help transform your blog into one that readers will admire.”

Aaron Brandon presents Flooded With Links Back posted at Aaron Brandon. If you are really lazy, you can go for Aaron’s suggestion., which is not cheap, and which, in my opinion, may lead to blog carnivals hosts hating you, as it implies a lack of control on what blog carnivals you are submitting your articles.

Terry Dean presents 8 Steps to Create Your Internet Business posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean. This could be a good point for you to start your online enterprise, although the article is a bit superficial.

Woman Tribune presents Social Media for Women and Utilizing sk*rt posted at Woman Tribune. This is definitely a place to check out, because sk*rt’s front page offers another kind of information that the most known social networking places.

Successful Footsteps presents The Importance of the Differentiator posted at Become Successful. You won’t find out too many details from this article, but it can give you some food for thought. Being unique is important, but you have to figure out how to be unique in a way that attracts your audience.

Rebecca Suzanne Dean
presents How To Write Your First Paragraph posted at Rebecca Dean. You can try Rebecca’s method and see if it fits for you.

WebSiteWerx presents Google Pagerank 0 Penalty Solution posted at This is interesting, as many of us have been struck by this PR 0 penalty. I’m going to try it on my blog, maybe I’ll get my PR back again.

Nesher presents Utterz-Updating your Blog through Mobile Phone posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World, saying,

“Utterz offers free services allowing you to update your blog remotely through your mobile phone”

Kasumi Kitone presents How I Started To Make Money Online – Part 2 posted at Best Ways To Make Money Online, saying,

“How much money do you really make with your blog? Come on, be honest. This is the second of 2 articles which describe how I finally started to make money online. It’s a work in progress…”

Edith presents Is the New Marketing Stuff Working for You? (Free Live Call with Seth Godin) posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act..

Christine presents Traditional Website vs Blog Format posted at Me, My Kid and Life.

Gavin R. Putland presents Amazon needs ad widget with whitelist product selection posted at /etc/cron.whenever/.

Chris Christensen presents Twitter is the new Digg posted at Inside Chris’s Head, saying,

“Why bloggers should also be twitterers.”

Taylor Coburn presents How Are You Dividing Your Attention? posted at Internet Business and Life at ProcessToProfits.

Henry Cate presents Lessons learned from playing with polling widgets posted at Why Homeschool.

Nesher presents Free Online Multi-Site Blog Pinging Services posted at Blogging for Good in the Modern World.

That concludes this edition. Many thanks to all authors for sending their articles to us. Also many “thanks & more…” to spammers who thought that everything in this world is a resource for bloggers, from golf lessons to spamming tools or payday loans and cash advances.

I feel like including a short note for those of you who work so hard that overwhelm everybody: if you write a post in which you only tell your readers that you are sorry for not posting any videos lately, please don’t submit it to blog carnivals. The rest of the world cannot find anything useful in the fact that you’ve been busy. I understand that you’ve spent your time submitting your latest 5-6 posts from your latest 2-3 blogs to this single edition of this carnival, but I accepted only what I thought was worth to be mentioned to my readers.

If you want to get featured in this carnival, please submit your blog article to the next edition of Resource for Bloggers using our carnival submission form.

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