The 37 Eyes of Inspiration

Group project inspiration sourcesSeeing life through the eyes of inspiration can help you discover at least 5 sources of inspiration in photography, or a few sources of inspiration for your blog (or shall we better say that you can find your inspiration for blogging, or webmaster blog inspiration).

Reliable sources of inspiration, be it for design and advertising, will sometimes wait for you at the top of a ladder, where even frustration becomes a source of inspiration, and a graphic designer’s snapshots of inspiration can help you get your creativity back the old fashion way, even if all you needed were a few sources of inspiration for a young blogger.

If you are not afraid to meet the storyteller’s muse, she’ll tell you more about what inspires a graphic designer, she’ll help you defining inspiration on your quest for sources of inspiration for observers, making you wish to bring a tribute to all mothers, even though sometimes they cannot mix Teaching, Inspiration, and Rock‘n Roll, to keep their children happy along the way.

Coming back to sources of inspiration from DailyBlogTips, keep in mind that inspiration from your future self can easily become the root of inspiration. Inspired to write, by one minute miracle, you’ll feel the urge to cry please God, bless the mess, whenever you’ll be too busy or too lazy to sort it out.

The true motivation and inspiration for a hobbyist can reside in the postcards of inspiration which can mark down as milestones the little successes along the way, always subject to the really simple domino effect, thus leading you to questioning inspiration and ask yourself like Hamlet of Denmark: Inspiration or Despair That is the Question!

How can you possibly find sources of inspiration for writing, while living the life on Hysteria Lane and letting yourself inspired by people because they showed you how to find release?

In this crazy wisdom inspiration race, 37 people gave their best thoughts on sources of inspiration for life and blogging, in this wonderful group writing project called Sources of Inspiration, from which we also learned What Inspires A Poet like ebele:

What inspires me? Creativity. It’s my No1 religion. It has saved me MANY times – whether it’s writing a poem, taking a picture or painting – doesn’t matter how ‘good’ it is. Recently, I had a lot on my mind, was feeling extremely frustrated, couldn’t sleep, refused to sleep – at 3am, I turned my back on my computer (which was also playing up, by the way), sat down on the floor & started drawing with colouring pencils. 5 minutes into it, the stress had lifted. Creativity & being creative is my life-blood. I don’t know who or where I’d be without it.


  1. Thanks a lot everybody for your comments and for the inspiration I got from reading your articles (I did not finish yet, but I read more of them everyday).

    @ inspirationbit: I know we have to do something great together! I’ll be happy to discuss with you any ideas 🙂

  2. This is a great way to do a roundup of all the posts in the group writing project. Your creative gathering of all the inspiration links is inspirational in itself. 🙂

    Thanks for taking the time to do this, and for including my Sources of Inspiration for Writing in your list.

  3. Thank you, Yvonne. I wrote this wanting to avoid duplicate content with the original roundup page, and I had no idea it will end up in this shape.

  4. Great creative linking Simonne! I’m reading all the 37 Inspirations, including mine (again)!

    Can you teach me how to do ping back like what I see you ping back my article “A Tribute to all Mothers”? Thanks!

    Love from Jacklyn Ker

  5. Thanks Jacklyn. I’m not doing anything special for those pings, WordPress does that automatically. When you write a post, check the tab “Discussion” in the right side of the screen and see if it has pings enabled. I’m not sure, but I think that is the trick that does it.

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