Tips For Remarkable Halloween Costumes

Are you ready for this Halloween yet? If you aren’t, you should hurry up with the preparations, get your costumes, find the decorations, invite your friends and expect to have a lot of fun. We don’t have this celebration in our country, but I’ve set up a Halloween online shop for those who do. Browsing the shop, I found a cool girl costume which I want to show you:

Asian Princess Costume

This beautiful princess comes straight from the Orient in this absolutely stunning costume. This design is spectacular & authentic in appearance in this classic Asian-style Kimono dress. This one features traditional style Kimon with a floral print, pink Obi & pretty headpiece.

Baby Costumes Are The Cutest of All

These are absolutely gorgeous, and for the first time in my life I was sorry for two things: that I don’t have a toddler and that I don’t celebrate Halloween. See it for yourself, because it is also valid for the Easter bunny costume ideas:

Spider-Man Infant Costume

Tinkerbell Infant Costume 12-18 mo.

Lil’ Penguin Infant Costume

Lil’ Elephant Infant Costume

Star Wars Yoda Infant Costume 6-12 mo

White Angel Infant Costume

Bunny Infant Costume

Little Frog Prince Infant Costume

Catarina Infant Costume

Polar Bear Infant

Dragon Infant Costume

Billion Dollar Baby Infant Costume


  1. huh, it’s been a long while since you posted anything here, eh? almost like myself on ibit 😉
    Those costumes are sure cute. I’ve got my daughter a costume of a butterfly last year, and this time I bought her a black witch hat (for only $1.50) and a halloween bag (another $1), and she’s been wearing it all day every day 🙂

  2. Yes, I’ve been away most of the summer. Besides, now it seems I’m going to need glasses, but before I get them, I have to follow a treatment and I’m supposed not to stare in the computer all day long. Nevertheless, I’ve done this Halloween online shop and I’m amazed of how many sales I’ve got so far. Lots of adults buy costumes, I suppose they are going to have a lot of fun.

    Your daughter must be so cute! Any chances of cute butterfly photos on ibit? 😉

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