What Would You Put In Your Articles Section?

FlagshipI’ve noticed long ago that Steve Pavlina has a special link on his blog, called Articles. I never understood why he had to create that special section, and what’s the difference between those articles and the rest of his blog. Until this week: wanting to join an exciting project initiated by Chris Garrett in the The Authority Blogger Forum, I looked through my blog archives to send him one on my flagship articles, as required in the project guidlines. Guess what? I soon realized that I didn’t know what to choose. Which of the 300 articles in the All Tips And Tricks archives define this blog? I don’t know. And if I don’t know, there is no wonder that you or any other reader don’t know it either.

Please don’t get me wrong: I still like my articles. I would write them again if we turned back time. It’s only one additional thing I would do: create an “umbrella” for all these fun, stupid, smart, useful or useless stories. An umbrella made of what Chris calls “flagship content“, which would pitch my blog’s benefits for readers. An umbrella which would give the direction of this blog. Steve Pavlina’s Articles section.

How about you? What would you put in your Articles section?

If you can’t answer this in the next two minutes, please download and read Chris Garrett’s free e-book Killer flagship content, which can teach you how to fish… errr…. how to create and bring into the spotlight the killer flagship content of your blog.

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  1. Well, most people will find it obvious to put some their “best content” there. Now the tricky question is what do you mean by “best content”..

    Is it what YOU like the best and consider to be your ‘peals’?
    Or is it what you think READERS would like the most (as rated by diggs, stumbles and backlinks)?

    Which way would you go?

  2. Forgot to add my own reply to the question. Given the type of person I am, I would go for what I personally consider to the best content. After all, it’s my blog 🙂

    //Sleeping Dude

  3. I’ve been actually planning on creating a separate page for my ‘best’ articles. But I haven’t done it yet exactly because I can’t decide whether I should pick them myself, or bas on reader’s response, number of visits, comments, diggs, etc.?

  4. Thank you. It seems we all have the same issue defining what’s “best content”. I wouldn’t pick it based on the number of visits.

  5. You are welcome Johnny, I’m glad I was able to help you. May you be able to buy more than “simply bananas” from online made money 🙂

  6. I think what people do in their blogs is sometime they write thing they saw and that are fun. I think the best thing to do with a section like that is to put your best and most relevant articles in this section that way it makes it easier for your average reader to find. but that’s just me and I could be wrong!

  7. This is a tough one. Rather than choosing all of my best content to highlight to my readers, I have tried to choose a representative sampling.

    My blog covers a pretty wide range of approaches, so I want to convey that so that a reader can pick a specific aspect of the site if that’s what they’re hunting for.

    Does that make sense?

  8. Hi Chuck, of course it makes sense. In this way, readers will know what the site is about, and they will seek more info on their topic of interest.

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