ZAGGfolio for iPad 2: Review of a Perfect iPad 2 Accessory from ZAGG

ZAGGfolio has a built-in bluetooth keyboard
ZAGGfolio has a built-in bluetooth keyboard

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However, the ZAGGfolio for the new iPad which was just announced on March 7th is already available. Check out the ZAGGfolio for the new iPad here:

I’m a fan of naked gadgets, so it’s hard to motivate me to buy a cover or a case, no matter how many brilliant reviews it may have. I must to admit, though, that I’m impressed with the newest all-in-one iPad 2 keyboard, cover and stand, ZAGGfolio. ZAGGfolio is the latest creation of ZAGG, the well-known personal electronics accessories manufacturer. It’s the second time I’m impressed by ZAGG. A few months ago I was sure ZAGGmate was the best choice for turning the iPad into a mini-laptop. For the new iPad 2, ZAGGmate has a new name: it’s the Logitech Keyboard case by ZAGG. I still think ZAGGmate/Logitech is great, but ZAGGfolio is even better because it offers additional protection and comfort while on the go.

ZAGGfolio Features

Slim design, great protection:

The folio is made of carbon fiber. This makes it extremely tough, even though it is thin. The interior of the folio is made from microfiber, excellent shock absorber. The iPad is safe inside, even when commuting. As far as I see on the ZAGG website, the ZAGGfolio is available in only one color, a sort of dark gray or black. I wish they made the folio in purple or red as well, but I guess they want to stick to the serious registry with this one.

Built-in Bluetooth keyboard:

ZAGGfolio has a built-in bluetooth keyboard
ZAGGfolio has a built-in bluetooth keyboard

The virtual keyboard is nice, but it’s not good for speed typing. By using ZAGGfolio’s wireless keyboard, you can type pretty fast, with good accuracy. The keyboard can be paired with as many iPads as you wish, but it can be used with only one iPad at a time.
Being connected via Bluetooth, the keyboard remains connected to the iPad, even if you remove either one from the folio. The top row on the keyboard is dedicated to special function keys, which will make you more productive, because you’ll be able to access controls such as music, volume, search, copy and paste very fast.
The keyboard comes with a 510 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery. It has an impressive battery life which provides weeks of use between two charges. I find it nice that it has a charging light which turns off when fully charged. I don’t like to have my appliances plugged into the power supply longer than necessary. I don’t know how much money I save like that, but limiting unneeded energy consumption is good for our planet, so why not take care?


ZAGGfolio - keyboard and stand for the iPad 2
ZAGGfolio – case, keyboard and stand for the iPad 2

If you want to use the ZAGG folio as a stand and remove the keyboard from it, you can. You can place your iPad on the folio stand and use the keyboard from a distance. If you prefer, you can remove both the iPad 2 and the keyboard from the folio and use them together, just like you use the ZAGGmate with keyboard. The keyboard will work with the iPad 2 in both landscape and portrait orientation. I’m not sure why I would like to have it working both ways with the keyboard, but maybe other people appreciate that, so I thought it’s worth mentioning it.

ZAGGfolio Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 19 ounces (539 grams)
    • Keyboard only: 11.5 ounces (326 grams)
    • Folio only: 7.5 ounces (213 grams)
  • Length: 9.75 inches (247 mm)
  • Width: 7.625 inches (193 mm)
  • Depth: .9 inches (23 mm)

What is included in the box: iPad folio, keyboard, keyboard battery, USB to micro-USB charging cable, user manual.

It’s hard to decide which is better: the Logitech Keyboard case by ZAGG for iPad 2 or the ZAGGfolio. I like Logitech a lot, but it needs additional protection. The back of the iPad 2 and the back of the keyboard case are exposed. It’s an easy fix, there’s an invisibleSHIELD for that. Nonetheless, ZAGGfolio doesn’t need any other accessory to be complete. It’s also more convenient, because you can have an iPad stand and use the keyboard from a distance.

As ZAGGfolio has just been released, there are barely any reviews out there. Yet, I believe positive reviews will appear as soon as the first units will start shipping and will arrive at their destinations. When I’ll buy my iPad2, I’m going to order a ZAGGfolio as well. It’s only $99 and you get a keyboard, a cover and a stand. It’s truly the all-in-one iPad 2 companion. If you get one before I do, I’d love to hear your review in the comments here. Thank you.

August 1st update: People who got their ZAGG folios reported that there’s an issue with the clasp: it doesn’t always latch properly. After my commenter, Mark, mentioned it (thank you again, Mark) I checked and found other people commenting on this. If you consider buying the ZAGGfolio, you may want to check out some more reviews. There are people who gave their opinion on ZAGG’s blog, so you can take a look before placing your order.
Interesting news: ZAGG is selling ZAGGsolo, which is the bluetooth keyboard, sold separately, without any case or cover. To see it, you need to go to “Accessories” on ZAGG’s website, then choose the second option.


  1. I’ve ordered my ZAGGFolio yesterday. Hope to get it soon. I’m sure it’s going to be great, because I own other ZAGG accessories and they are all excellent quality. This one can’t be any different, I guess. I’m also sorry they only have it in black. I would have liked a blue or silver one, but black is also nice.

  2. Hey, Patrick, thank you for the comment. When you get your folio, perhaps you’ll want to give us a little review for my other readers?

  3. I seem to be having a problem with keeping the top hooked to the bottom-is there a trick I don’t know about?

  4. my Zaggfolio just came in the mail and I have been trying it out tonight. Generally I think its a decent product with a few exceptions. First, the cover appears to be plastic that is molded to look like carbon fiber. Its not really carbon fiber as the review stated. Second, the case does not latch closed. There is a latch, but it doesn’t hook, so its kind of frustrating. Third, the plug for charging the keyboard is hidden in the case. I looked and looked before I realized you have to pull the keyboard out of the case in order to charge it. The ZAGG website does NOT give specific instructions on this, and the paper instructions that came with the case just assume you will figure out that the keyboard comes out. It never tells you that, and its really not obvious.

    Over all I think this product was shipped prematurely. Its a good idea, but the latching problem in particular indicates to me that they rushed it into production without adequate design or testing. Regrettably I’m going to return mine.

  5. I’m testing mine.
    The keyboard is awesome, it has a lot of special buttons for iPad funtions. When you’re writing you feel that you are writing on a mac: cut, copy and paste functions, slecting with shift and so on.
    Indeed there is a problem with the hook to close it, it doesn’t fit, they confessed that they did the tests using ipads wearing its protective shield all over it, so the problem is present in the ones that don’t use their invisible shield.
    The problem goes further when we see the iPad autolock function, as it doesn’t close fine it activates the ipad by accident, so if you have this buggy version you have to disable the ipad cover lock setting.
    They are aware of the latching problem and they are sending a new version of it free of charge, so new orders will came fine.

  6. Thank you very much, Fradique. I’m happy to hear ZAGG are sending the new version free of charge, that’s great for people who already got their ZAGG Folio.

  7. Somebody please comment on the feel of the keyboard via-a-vis a full size keyboard. Is it comfortable? Does it take a lot of practice to get used to it? Do the keys feel/seem normal size? Any obvious changes from a “normal” keyboard? Thanks

  8. Andre,

    The keyboard is a bit skinnier than a full sized keyboard. It, however, is the largest one I have seen that is part of an iPad case. I have been using the iPad 2 folio/keyboard case from Brookstone and can say that the keyboard on the Zaggfolio is much nicer, sturdier, and easier to use. I can almost guarantee that within 5 minutes of use you will get used to the slightly smaller design and be typing at full speed in no time.

    Also, in reference to the clasp problem, I have read that Zagg has corrected this. A friend of mine received this case last week, with a faulty clasp, and without his prompting received a letter saying that Zagg would be sending a replacement case soon.

  9. Can the Zaggfolio only be purchased online? I’ve searched online but can’t seem to find a store tht resells ths version. I need to pick one up from a store in NYC. Thanks.

  10. I finally received the replacement, totally free of charge.
    The latch is working perfectly as expected, locking the iPad when closing, thing that was not happening with the first design.
    Nevertheless I’m experiencing a little problem:
    When you have the Zaggfolio in writing position and it has been locked, the iPad could be unlocked pressing any key on the keyboard. So when you have it closed the keys could be pressed slightly pressing the center of the Zaggfolio or by accident inside the backpack or elsewhere.
    Perhaps they should detect the closed possition in their keyboard and disable the keys, just like the iPad locks itself when it detects the cover.
    Despite of that, this is a great product.

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